Respiratory Medicine(TB & Chest diseases)

Dept. Name: Respiratory Medicine (TB & Chest diseases)

Head of Department Name: Dr. Jayant B. Chauhan (MD,DTCD)

Department of Organogram:



Dr. Jayant B. Chauhan (Professor, HOD & HOU-1)

Dr. Nalin T. Shah (Professor H.G., HOU-2)

Dr. Ghanshyam B. Borisagar (Professor H.G.)


Dr. Urjita Pamar (A.P.)




Department Office Address: Department of Respiratory Medicine, Civil Hospital, Asarwa, Ahmedabad- 380016

Department Office Contact Number: 079 22680074

Name of Ward (In case of Clinical Department): 

  1. RICU
  2. Chest Ward
  3. Male TB ward
  4. Female TB Ward
  5. MDR TB Ward

Triage Area 

OPD Location: 1. Unit-1, Monday/Wednesday/Friday- Room no. 75, Civil Main OPD building

                          2. Unit-2. Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday – Room no. 75, Civil Main OPD building

OPD Contact Number: 079 22683721

OPD Time Schedule: 1. Monday, Wednesday, Friday (09 AM-01 PM & 2 to 5 PM) - Unit 1

                                      2.  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (09 AM-01 PM & 2 to 5 PM) - Unit 2

OT Schedule: Not Applicable

OT Location: Not Applicable

OT Table: Not Applicable

Services Offered:

  1. Emergency services pertaining to respiratory diseases
  2. OPD & Indoor services
  3. Bronchoscopy
  4. Thoracoscopy
  5. Ultrasonography guided procedures (Pleural Tapping, USG Guided lung biopsy etc…)
  6. Sleep Study
  7. Ward Procedures (Intercostal tube Drainage, CSF Tapping, Ascitic Tapping, CVP line, RT insertion, Foleys catheterisation etc….)
  8. ECG
  9. Endotracheal Intubation
  10. Invasive & Non Invasive Ventilatory services (Bipap, CPAP)
  11. NRBM
  12. Nebulization
  13. ABG
  14. PFT (Pulmonary Function Test) with DLCO
  15. Defibrillator
  16. All routine Laboratory services for Blood & Urine and Body fluids and tissue materials in collaboration with Patho, Micro and IHBT.
  17. Blood Transfusion services (Including different components as required)
  18. Chest Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
  19. Allergy Testing
  20. Treatment of DS, DR & MDR TB patients
  21. Covid Patient care
  22. Vaccination of Chronic respiratory diseases patients
  23. Academic services: As a part of the academic institute UG, PG teaching and training.


Other Details:

Department Activity/Clinical Services Available:

OPD and Indoor services and all other services as mentioned above.

Major Achievements (Brief write up with + photos):

  1. Organized a National level Respiatory Conference in 2018 (NAPCON 2018)
  2. Dept has played excellent and major role in management of covid 19 patients during covid pandemic time and still continues.