• To train medical students in basic psychiatry with teaching both didactic as well as practical
  • To train DPM and MD Psychiatry students


To help the students become excellent clinicians with a core biopsychosocial approach to
diagnosis and treatment

Head of Department’s message:

Psychiatry is an emerging specialty. It is scientific, humane and can potentially change lives positively. There is no other specialty in which the biopsychosocial perspective so emphasized upon as much, for the purpose of a holistic assessment. We hope to train the undergraduates and interns in basic skills in psychiatry, and we believe that this basic training at the
undergraduate/intern level will impart a qualitative difference to the practice of medicine irrespective of the branch chosen by the students for their postgraduate training.
As a postgraduate pursuing training for DPM and MD (Psychiatry) our students will receive intensive training to prepare them for their roles clinicians, teachers and researchers in the field.

Facilities in the department:

Electroconvulsive therapy

Psychological Testing


Collection of literary books and movies with psychological and psychiatric themes

Helen Singer June Library of India Jung Center

e-books &Journals

Subject curriculum:

Theory As per MCI Guidelines

Practical: 2 week clinical rotation during internship as part of clinical posting in medicine, 2 week rotation Plus 2 weeks additional elective clinical posting

Examination Pattern:

At undergraduate level:

No separate theory paper or practical exam at this juncture, Psychiatry is allied subject with medicine. Interns will have an end posting written test at the end of their 2 week rotation.

At postgraduate level:

DPM: Three theory papers and practical examination

MD: Four theory papers and practical examination

Teaching staff information:

Professor and Head:

Dr.Minaxi Parikh

e-mail: drminakshiparikh@gmail.com

Mobile: +919825718698

Associate Professor

Dr.Mehul Brahmbhatt

e-mail: maryabrahmbhatt@yahoo.com

Mobile: +919824164396

Additional professor

Dr.Rajesh T Kumar


Mobile : 9825069092

Assistant Professor
Dr. Hemang Shah
Mobile: 9825271454
Assistant Professor
Dr. Pragna Sorani
e-email :
Mobile : 9409651212
Senior Resident
Mobile :

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology

Ms.Pallavi Kapadia


Non- Teaching staff information:

OPD Day and EmergencyOPD

Monday ,Wednesday, Friday:Dr.Minakshi Parikh, Dr.Rajesh T Kumar, Dr.Hemang Shah

Tuesday,Thursday, Saturday:Dr.Mehul Brahmbhatt, Dr.Pragna Sorani, Dr.Karan

Timings: 9. 00 to 13.00

Child Guidance Clinic

All Working Days :

Timings: 9. 00 to 13.00

Contact:OPD:79-22683721 Extn:1339

EEG:79-22683721 Extn:1029

Ward G2: 79-22683721 Extn:1033